I Love Capril Green Guide Letters Episodes

by Steele on April 7, 2016

caprilalbumOur Capril album is now available to download. Pay whatever you feel like, all funds go to Capril in support of Beyond Blue.

This album features 9 previously unavailable full length episodes consisting of  all the appearances from Tony Martin & Ed Kavalee along with our previous live Capril fundraising episodes.

Included in these classic episodes are Lawrence Mooney, Randy The Puppet, Adam Rozenbachs, Sam Pang, Tom Ballard, Wil Anderson, Sam Simmons, Ryan “Toadfish” Moloney, Ash Williams, Tiffiny Hall, Fiona O’Loughlin, Adam Richard, Bart Freebairn, Peter Hitchener, Ronny Chieng, Nazeem Hussain, Tegan Higginbotham, Rhys Nicholson, Oliver Clark & Dave Anthony.


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