No Letters This Week As The Green Guide Lists It’s “Top 25 In 25 Years”.

by Steele on September 19, 2012

As the “Letter Master” (Green Guide Editor Andrew Murfett) gave us an early heads up on… NO LETTERS THIS WEEK!

Sadly the letters got bumped by the special 25 Best Shows In 25 years list, which is fine… BUT WHEN IS THE SPECIAL 25 BEST LETTERS ISSUE???!!!

No letters this week, sadly means no podcast this week either. But we’ll be back in business with a new eppy scheduled to go up on Monday the 24th of September.

Now if I know Green Guide Letters, and lets face it, I DOOOOOOO, then next weeks letters page will almost entirely made up of complaints about the Green Guide Top 25. Peep the list.


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