We love Green Guide Letters about the second last & last straws about Channel Seven’s Grand Final broadcast, Australia’s lack of necktie inspectors, Wolf Hall and when it comes to the ABC someone has had enuff!

Plus Mel gives us an insight to the behind the scenes social media controversy on The Great Australian Bake Off and why Damien’s Dad wants to know “if he always gets his cock out”.


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We love Green Guide Letters about Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, the Biggest Loser loses Hayley Lewis and football comentary gets commented on.

Plus we find out what it’s like to review the same movie every week for a year on the Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast and the works of the Doodle Burger.

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We love letters live about AFL’s Skycam distance,  Grand Final definition, Costa turns to eye moistening, the stapleless Green Guide, Time Team! & what did happen to Australian TV?

Plus! Living with Luke McGregor, a Brynne review, a visit to Tony Martin’s video archive,  & Champaign the hotel manager learns to never turn your back on a tickler.

“Taped in front of a live studio audience” at Rue Bebelons!


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We love Green Guide letters about Jason Dunstall’s half empty glass, TV… Never worse, the “rubble” rebellion, Howzat!, 60 once substantial minutes, advertisement funeral and the night when Everyone Stopped Dancing Now.

Plus Josh Earl’s thumbs: TV show killer and the overt racism of Jack Druce.




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Ep 028 : Brad Oakes & Tommy Little love the 07/06/12 Letters

June 27, 2012

We love letters about the Queen’s AFL record, the little Prince, threats to 10, the Bargain Hunt ends and of course Gardening Australia. Plus the Banksia Man talks Clown Fucking Tweet our guests… & your host… Also go check out Tommy’s podcast the Slap Bang.

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Ep 027 : Bart Freebairn & Jonathan Schuster love the 31/05/12 Letters

June 23, 2012

We don’t love letters about Q&A, but we do love letters about Eurovision Shame, Mad As Hell Laughs, AFL Adverts & old mate the Queen. Plus comedy talk, Steele’s review sadness, Bart’s Titanic fan fiction & Jonathan is still fatherless. Tweet our guests… NO SHUSTER TWITTER! & your host…

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