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We love Green Guide Letters about  Sterling Archer & MasterChef letter writer Deb Hunt is praised!

Plus Sonia’s live comedy séance!



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We love Green Guide Letters about Adam West, Ben Pobjie, House Rules and Britain’s Got Talent.

Plus how did Ash get a BMW, Batman approved brothels and how George almost gave Dennis Walter a on air heart attack!


SUPPORT THE CREATORS OF ‘MARCUS’ RECEIVE THEIR AWARD IN LA! (Demi was in it, check it out a great project)



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We love Green Guide Letters about Seven Types of Ambiguity’s ridiculous, implausible plot, repeats, Masterchef and GARDENING AUSTRALIA returns to the letters page!

Plus quitting your job because a lack of Seinfeld references, Bart’s run in with someone with a fruit spread in their name and a booby-trapped vagina!


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We love Green Guide Letters about Dr Who’s lack of imagination and demands for a Australian naked dating show.

Plus Bart’s new life flying business class, Woodberry passing on his surfing knowledge and witnessing Michelle Pfeiffer going undercover at Starbucks!


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Ep 247 : LIVE & LATE Dilruk Jayasinha, Bart Freebairn & Gordon Southern love the 09/02/17 Letters

April 6, 2017

We love Green Guide Letters about Midsomer Murders ridiculousness, not “breaking news” and why fast food advertising isn’t real enough. Plus Gordon comes under fire and Steele watches Wonderland. YOU CAN HELP Steele Wars a sweet 5 star review on iTunes or plug the show on Facebook or Twitter. I really appreciate it.  See Steele Wars, I Love Green Guide Letters & Steele Saunders […]

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Ep 229 : Nick Cody & Bart Freebairn love the 28/07/16 Letters

October 3, 2016


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Ep 200 : LIVE! Ash Williams, Luis & SO MANY SPECIAL GUESTS love the 26/11/15 Letters

December 9, 2015

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Ballarat Live Show ON SALE… w/ Arthur Comer!

December 22, 2012

“The Voice” vs Arthur Comer! The long awaited Ballarat live show is here! Arthur Comer, legendary letter writer, the man that started the kilometre debate and got Helen Kapalos fired finally appears on the podcast. Plus hilarious letter lovers Nick Cody & Bart Freebairn. The show deemed TOO HOT for Arthur’s retirement home! Saturday the […]

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