Bart Freebairn

“Year 1 : I Love Green Guide Letters” the Marcus Newman Remix

November 11, 2012

Marcus Newman remixed a year’s worth of Letter Loving into this awesome track that we “premiered” as part of the 1st Birthday Show. Features appearances from past I Love Green Guide Letters guests; Luke McGregor, Harley Breen, Ronny Chieng, Nick Cody, Justin Hamilton, Xavier Michelides, Bart Freebairn, Dave Thornton, Tommy Dassalo, Tommy Little, Tegan Higginbotham, David Quirk, Lawrence Mooney, Kelly Fastuca, Charlie Pickering, Josh Earl, Ben Pobjie, Brad […]

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Ep 039 : Anthony Jeselnik & Bart Freebairn love the 05/09/12 Letters

September 12, 2012

We love Green Guide letters about the Paralympics, the bad kitty humour of Audrey’s Kitchen, Brazil’s educational police, Howzat and the cement truck debate runs wild! Plus those times when you’re roasting and they’re booing and a Dane Cook conspiracy theory. See Anthony Jeselnik THIS WEEK! ADELAIDE – 13 September, 7.30pm, Arkaba Hotel MELBOURNE – […]

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Amazing ILGGL Artwork By James Fosdike!

July 7, 2012

Definitely one of the highlights of doing the podcast came via email today…. This AMAZING piece of I Love Green Guide Letters artwork from the very generous and very talented James Fosdike. Not only is it visually amazing, but it features a grip of little jokes from past eppys. Mooney VS Toadfish, The Urban Moo […]

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Ep 027 : Bart Freebairn & Jonathan Schuster love the 31/05/12 Letters

June 23, 2012

We don’t love letters about Q&A, but we do love letters about Eurovision Shame, Mad As Hell Laughs, AFL Adverts & old mate the Queen. Plus comedy talk, Steele’s review sadness, Bart’s Titanic fan fiction & Jonathan is still fatherless. Tweet our guests… NO SHUSTER TWITTER! & your host…

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