Big Brother


We love a classic Arthur Comer Green Guide Letters from throughout the years! Along with letters about Big Brother and Eddie Wilgar fires back… in letter form.

Plus Arthur calls into question the journalism skills of the Ballarat Courier.

Recorded live at the Portico Wine Bar & Restaurant, 31 Sturt Street Ballarat.

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Please listen to Bart & Nick’s very funny podcast “Something For The Drive Home” (EXTREME LANGUAGE WARNING)

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We love Green Guide letters about Howzat’s wig war, Sonia Kruger’s Big Brother Hostess 180, More Mute Button Threats, Does Tony Abbott play for Carlton? and a actual good letter balances out one so bad that its cemented as an instant classic.

Plus Ronny’s cat parasite fears and Dave goes on the promo trail for gigs he may have cancelled.


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