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We love Green Guide Letters about Seven Types of Ambiguity’s ridiculous, implausible plot, repeats, Masterchef and GARDENING AUSTRALIA returns to the letters page!

Plus quitting your job because a lack of Seinfeld references, Bart’s run in with someone with a fruit spread in their name and a booby-trapped vagina!


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We love letters live about AFL’s Skycam distance,  Grand Final definition, Costa turns to eye moistening, the stapleless Green Guide, Time Team! & what did happen to Australian TV?

Plus! Living with Luke McGregor, a Brynne review, a visit to Tony Martin’s video archive,  & Champaign the hotel manager learns to never turn your back on a tickler.

“Taped in front of a live studio audience” at Rue Bebelons!


THIS Saturday the 13th at the Lybrary 5pm live I Love Green Guide Letters with Tom Ballard & Sam Mac!

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Amazing ILGGL Artwork By James Fosdike!

by Steele on July 7, 2012

Definitely one of the highlights of doing the podcast came via email today….

This AMAZING piece of I Love Green Guide Letters artwork from the very generous and very talented James Fosdike.

Not only is it visually amazing, but it features a grip of little jokes from past eppys. Mooney VS Toadfish, The Urban Moo Moo, Xavier’s Chewbacca impression… it’s all in there! So good.


And of course it features frequent podcast cameo guest JERRY THE PERSIAN!

Hopefully we can get this art onto a deluxe poster at some point… just so I can have one.

Thank you James.

Go be blown away by James’ art at


Ep 028 : Brad Oakes & Tommy Little love the 07/06/12 Letters

June 27, 2012

We love letters about the Queen’s AFL record, the little Prince, threats to 10, the Bargain Hunt ends and of course Gardening Australia. Plus the Banksia Man talks Clown Fucking Tweet our guests… & your host… Also go check out Tommy’s podcast the Slap Bang.

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