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We Love Green Guide Letters about The Footy Show’s “exclusives that no-one else gets” and why won’t Luke McGregor talk slower?

Plus how Steele named the first Something For Kate EP & Wil surveys a threesome.

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We love Green Guide Letters about Rosehaven, Newton’s Law & why is the ABC only making things of interest to the urban literati?
Plus Anne joke sends her Dad to bed, on stage embarrassments and Luke’s fetish questions.

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We love Green Guide Letters about Mack Horton controversy, and can we not let the Zika virus, the inadequate facilities, the quality of the water, the robberies, etc spoil the Olympics?

Plus Luke confronts Maso about the time he got locked in a tram depot and sizzles his new ABC show Rosehaven.

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Ep 200 : LIVE! Ash Williams, Luis & SO MANY SPECIAL GUESTS love the 26/11/15 Letters

December 9, 2015

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“Year 1 : I Love Green Guide Letters” the Marcus Newman Remix

November 11, 2012

Marcus Newman remixed a year’s worth of Letter Loving into this awesome track that we “premiered” as part of the 1st Birthday Show. Features appearances from past I Love Green Guide Letters guests; Luke McGregor, Harley Breen, Ronny Chieng, Nick Cody, Justin Hamilton, Xavier Michelides, Bart Freebairn, Dave Thornton, Tommy Dassalo, Tommy Little, Tegan Higginbotham, David Quirk, Lawrence Mooney, Kelly Fastuca, Charlie Pickering, Josh Earl, Ben Pobjie, Brad […]

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Ep 042 : Ed Kavalee, Randy The Puppet & Adam Rozenbachs love the 04/10/12 Letters

October 9, 2012

We love letters live about AFL’s Skycam distance,  Grand Final definition, Costa turns to eye moistening, the stapleless Green Guide, Time Team! & what did happen to Australian TV? Plus! Living with Luke McGregor, a Brynne review, a visit to Tony Martin’s video archive,  & Champaign the hotel manager learns to never turn your back […]

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Amazing ILGGL Artwork By James Fosdike!

July 7, 2012

Definitely one of the highlights of doing the podcast came via email today…. This AMAZING piece of I Love Green Guide Letters artwork from the very generous and very talented James Fosdike. Not only is it visually amazing, but it features a grip of little jokes from past eppys. Mooney VS Toadfish, The Urban Moo […]

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Classic Ep 001 : Harley Breen & Luke McGregor love the 10/11/11 Letters Sizzle Clip

November 21, 2011

iLGGL episodes 1-10 plus bonus Q&A episode by Steele Saunders We love Green Guide Letters about Book Show tragedy, Yumi Stynes, The Slap, Japanese news & The Green Guide itself! There weren’t letters about Ghostbusters sequels and speed dating… but you wouldn’t know it. The difficult 1st episode!

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