We love Green Guide Letters about Seven Types of Ambiguity’s ridiculous, implausible plot, repeats, Masterchef and GARDENING AUSTRALIA returns to the letters page!

Plus quitting your job because a lack of Seinfeld references, Bart’s run in with someone with a fruit spread in their name and a booby-trapped vagina!


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We love Green Guide Letters LIVE about MasterChef hijacking, the phone ring on the Dr Blake Mysteries and the Queen’s Nazi salute!

Plus Dilruk’s shirt nappy!

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Ep 030 : Tim & Eric (kinda) love the 28/06/12 Letters

July 30, 2012

We kinda love letters about Masterchef, Mabo & Niceness. Plus office phone etiquette, theatre awards & Tim’s pasta recipe tips! Sorry for the slightly off sound on this one! Tweet our guests… & your host…

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