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Amazing live cross…

by Steele on October 18, 2012

As discussed in episode 43… here is Sam Mac’s AMAZING LIVE CROSS!

If you’ve listened to ep43 you’d know the only thing discussed more than gay bags was Lights Camera Maction, Sam’s YouTube show. Here’s the latest eppy featuring Letter Lover Wil Anderson. It’s pretty damn funny… not 8 plugs worth of funny… but still.


We love Green Guide Letters about Usain Bolt, Home & Away’s gun play, Border Security and Air Ways get deported, Brynne and of course; STAPLES!

Plus! Steele’s short lived run as a purse snatcher, Sam Mac’s televised starring contest and a bag bravely comes out of the closet in the most bizarre episode ever!


Recording is a dash off… sorry.

Recorded live at the Lybrary in Chippendale. Home of the Comedy On Edge stand up show every Tuesday.


The hilarious Tom Ballard & Rhys Nicholson are perfoming Oct. 26th & 27th.


Join Tom Ballard & friends for his listening partys! October 31st to December 5th.


Come see Lawrence Mooney, Greg Fleet, Pete Sharky & Steele doing stand up in Geelong on the 26th of October.


Go watch Sam’s ‘Lights, Camera, Maction!’ on YouTube.

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Sydney Live Show : Saturday 13th of October 2012

October 5, 2012

Tickets for our VERY FIRST Sydney live show are now on sale! The Melbourne show sold out prior to the day of the show, so pre-booking is encouraged. Plus you save $2 on the door charge. Our letter lovers are Tom Ballard (JJJ’s Breakfast), Sam Mac (The Project) & your host Steele Saunders. BUY NOW! […]

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