Tom Gleeson


We love Green Guide Letters about Bruce McAvaney’s tennis statistics & Tom Gleeson’s Hard Quiz.

Plus there’s no Happy Days after Steele gets blocked on twitter by Chachi, a man who lost his virginiy to a couch and Ray regrets everything.

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Marcus Newman remixed a year’s worth of Letter Loving into this awesome track that we “premiered” as part of the 1st Birthday Show.

Features appearances from past I Love Green Guide Letters guests; Luke McGregor, Harley Breen, Ronny Chieng, Nick Cody, Justin Hamilton, Xavier Michelides, Bart Freebairn, Dave Thornton, Tommy Dassalo, Tommy Little, Tegan Higginbotham, David Quirk, Lawrence Mooney, Kelly Fastuca, Charlie Pickering, Josh Earl, Ben Pobjie, Brad Oakes, Michael Chamberlin, Jacques Barrett, Jonathan Schuster, Celia Pacquola, Ben Lomas, Andy Kindler, Wil Anderson, Tony Martin, Geraldine Hickey, Dylan Lewis, Tom Gleeson, Adam Rozenbachs, Michael Goldstein, Tim & Eric, Todd Glass, Mark Normand, Chris Wainhouse, Tom Ballard, Eddie Ifft, Jack Druce, Anthony Jeselnik, Dave Callan, “The Bloke” Chris Franklin & Ed Kavalee!

Thank you Marcus! And thank’s to all the hilarious people that are featured!

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Amazing ILGGL Artwork By James Fosdike!

by Steele on July 7, 2012

Definitely one of the highlights of doing the podcast came via email today….

This AMAZING piece of I Love Green Guide Letters artwork from the very generous and very talented James Fosdike.

Not only is it visually amazing, but it features a grip of little jokes from past eppys. Mooney VS Toadfish, The Urban Moo Moo, Xavier’s Chewbacca impression… it’s all in there! So good.


And of course it features frequent podcast cameo guest JERRY THE PERSIAN!

Hopefully we can get this art onto a deluxe poster at some point… just so I can have one.

Thank you James.

Go be blown away by James’ art at